The 2018 Lincoln Homecoming is History

The 2018 Lincoln Homecoming is History

The 2018 Lincoln Homecoming is history.  This year’s event celebrated was hosted by the Lincoln-Zephyr Club, which celebrated its 50th anniversary with a special three-say tour to northern Indiana prior to the annual Homecoming weekend at Hickory Corners.

Participation at the Homecoming was down, in part, because no special tour or events were planned at Hickory Corners this year.

We did, however, have an enjoyable time—one attendee described it as “a large picnic with your car friends.”  A good description.

There was a fine turn-out of Lincoln-Zephyrs and Continentals.  Watch for a photo of them lined up in front of the Lincoln museum. Friday afternoon, a VIP reception was held in the Lincoln museum for those individuals who have donated $5,000 or more.  Each individual received a custom-designed pin that will be presented to all donors at the $5,000 or higher level.  Note: individuals who did not attend will receive their in the mails shortly.

The highlight of the weekend was the Saturday evening dinner, held for the first time at the Gilmore Car Museum conference center.

Following dinner, there was an impromptu fund raiser that brought in more than $41,000 for the museum’s endowment fund.

A big “thank you” to all who worked to make this year’s Homecoming so enjoyable.

A more complete report will appear in the next issue of the Lincoln Link, as well as in Lincoln club publications.

Best wishes—
David Schultz
LMCF chairman

Lincoln Zephyr Owner’s Club celebrated its 50th

Lincoln Zephyr Owner’s Club celebrated its 50th

Posting Contributed by Pam Avedisian

The Lincoln Zephyr Owner’s Club celebrated its 50th anniversary at the beginning of August in the Midwest. Tom and Joan Brunner led a small but enthusiastic group on a three-day tour of the South Bend/Auburn area of Indiana, where we enjoyed visits through Amish country, along the Lincoln Highway to the Studebaker Museum, the J.D. Oliver mansion and the National Automotive and Truck (NATMUS) and Early Ford V-8 Museums, culminating with the Founders’ dinner at the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg (ACD) Museum. We stayed in Elkhart, which from 1906 to 1934 was home to no fewer than 25 automobile manufacturers. The group sends their grateful thanks to Tom and Joan who spent many hours organizing and executing these tours.

The celebration concluded with the 5th annual Lincoln homecoming at Hickory Corners, Michigan, where the sun shined bright for the People’s Choice car show on Saturday. A great time was had by the approximately 100 people in attendance.

Photos from the Studebaker Museum: the actual barouche which Abraham Lincoln rode in to the Ford Theatre on the night of April 14, 1865; and Ed Avedisian in an early 50s Studebaker, like the one he previously owned.

Our visit to Amish country included a visit to the barn of a man who, together with his son, crafts buggies and coffins. Carolyn Henderson, Allen McWade, Rob Zarnosky, Kirsten Hickman, Ron and Eleanor Schneider and Ken Walaszek listen intently.

The Early V-8 included this Mobilgas tow truck and a worker taking a nap. The Mercury custom done in the 60s at the NATMUS and the Cords at the ACD Museum were real favorites.

And last, but not least, a beautiful line-up of 1940s in front of the Lincoln Heritage Museum, including Ed Avedisian’s 1941 Zephyr.

The 2018 Mid America National Meet

The 2018 Mid America National Meet

The 2018 Mid America National Meet we hosted at the Marriott hotel in St. Louis Park on July 11-15, 2018 was a huge success in every respect.  The weather on Saturday, July 14th was very hot, mid 90’s, and the hard rain of Thursday was in the past.    We had 85 Lincolns, with 27 in the Exhibition class; I mention this because we enjoy all Lincolns, not just the trophy winners.  
Tom and Gunta Brace won the Elliston H. Bell – Founder’s Trophy for the Best Lincoln in the show with a 1937 Lincoln L Judkins Coupe.  We had 162 people register for this meet. The North Star Region should be very proud of the job and effort put in by key members of the region such as: Roger Wothe (Tour to Morries), Bob Roth (Tour to Veit’s), Dave Gustafson (meet booklets and all meet printing), and particularly all the spouses for putting up with our continued fusing over our Lincolns.
Our meet hotel, the Marriott, did the best job of any hotel I have ever worked with.  The Sales Manager, Patrick Riley, and his staff were gracious, helpful, and did everything they could to make our stay the best.  The food was great, especially at the Friday Night BBQ.  Attendees told me that they enjoyed the Twin City area and had fun, good times, and great fellowship.  They are leaving with many fantastic memories.  
We were honored to get two new LCOC members this meet.  Lou Cosentino from Excelsior, MN, who owns a 1932 Lincoln KB Sport Phaeton, made a appearance on  Saturday morning.  Tony Karsnia, who has a 1996 Town Car Hearse, was able to drive on the Tour to Morries Classic Collection.  He also won  a 1990’s  Decade touring award.  Jay White was able to bring three slab side convertibles to the meet, and he has committed to join LCOC.
Again, to our North Star Region members, congratulations on a job well done! Thank you.
Bob Johnson
2018 Eastern National Meet Trophy Winners

2018 Eastern National Meet Trophy Winners

Awards for the 2018 LCOC Eastern National Meet in Bradenton, Florida were handed out on Saturday, May 5, at the evening banquet.  Lincoln Trophies were given in 5 categories, along with a trophy for Best Custom Class Lincoln.  Emeritus Awards were given to 3 owners. 

One of the standout senior cars was a jade green and white car belonging to Paul and Mary Cubakovic of San Antonio, Florida that won the Ruth Trophy.  The Elliston H. Bell Founder’s Trophy for the Outstanding  Senior Lincoln was presented to owners John and Dorothy Palmer, who came all the way from Barnum, Minnesota, for their white with red interior 1976 Continental Mark IV.  National Chief Judge Steve D’Ambrosia described both these cars as stunningly beautiful 1976 Mark IVs, saying that they looked like they had just come off a dealer’s showroom floor.

See a full list of awardees below.

Florida National Meet 2018

Florida National Meet 2018

The weather was great for those from the cool north with very warm weather, sunshine and a breeze. It was perfect for enjoying Lincolns and the sites in the Bradenton, FL area. The hotel was conveniently located for the events the Florida Region planned and had a great area for the show field. Thursday started with a tour to the Ringling Museum in Sarasota. This is a wonderful venue that needed more time than we had available. I spent most of the time examining the history of the circus and the incredibly detailed model of an entire circus. It was amazing to see the organization needed to “bring the circus to town.” The grounds are beautiful and include the home that John and Mable Ringling built on the shore of Sarasota Bay. I sorely missed the time to savor the museum comprised of world-class artwork that the Ringlings amassed during their trips to Europe. On Thursday evening we enjoyed a dinner cruise on Sarasota Bay which provided another opportunity to enjoy the scenery and Lincoln friends. We bid the day good-bye with a perfect sunset.

Friday took us automobile museum touring at the Sarasota Classic Auto Museum which had a wonderful collection from early brass cars to modern exotics, along with the “back room” of vehicles that are awaiting restoration and a room with classic cars for sale. There was interest in many of these classics but I do not think any sales were made. Lunch was spectacular at Marina Jack Restaurant which has a fabulous view of the bay. What a great way to cap off a morning spent with automotive beauty! John Walcek used some backdrops to the fullest with photographs of several cars, including Leroy Waldren’s ’42 Continental Coupe, behind the statue remembering VE day with the solder and nurse kissing called the Unconditional Surrender. The evening was filled with a great meal provided by the hotel and a silent auction giving everybody time to prepare for show day. Those night owls took advantage of the hospitality suite generously provided by Kelly McClure of the Lincoln/Mercury Old Parts Store. The conversation and adult beverages were flowing freely.

Saturday was another beautiful day that was a little cooler with a nice breeze which made for a perfect show day. While the show field was small, we had a wide variety of Lincolns with the 50’s well represented. Also included, were modified slab sides that showed us a modified air bag suspension and the use of 20″ wheels. We also saw suicide doors on a coupe. All modifications were beautifully done and these cars generated interest from all who attended. It is great to see the ideas and craftsmanship involved. The efficiency of judging allowed the field to be released at 2:30 permitting the attendees to enjoy the afternoon and prepare for the awards banquet. The awards banquet was excellent as the hotel did a wonderful job with all the meals over the course of the meet.

John Talbourdet



Elliston Bell Winner

President of Lincoln Addresses Club Dinner in Dearborn, MI

President of Lincoln Addresses Club Dinner in Dearborn, MI

Kumar Galhotra, Ford Motor Company vice president and president, Lincoln, was the guest speaker on August 8 for Lincoln aficionados attending a dinner at the Dearborn Country Club as part of the Fourth Annual Lincoln Homecoming events preceding the Grand National Meet in Hickory Corners. Reporting to Ford President and CEO Jim Hackett, Galhotra is the most senior leader overseeing all Lincoln operations globally, including product development; marketing, sales and service; and all team members supporting the Lincoln brand, as he builds on the brand’s recent product and sales momentum.

Coming from an engineering background (he was responsible for the engineering of all cars, trucks, SUVs and crossover vehicles for Ford and Lincoln brands) and with product development experience in Lincoln’s expansion in China, Galhorta is uniquely positioned to oversee the development of the next generation of Lincoln vehicles as well as connect them with a new generation of Lincoln clients.

His experience in China, where both the heritage of the brand and the luxury image attract potential buyers, has influenced his focus is to build on the appeal of Lincoln not only through its distinctive vehicles but also a world-class, luxury ownership experience.

Galhorta advocates thinking outside the box to see what services Lincoln can offer its dedicated buyers. Realizing that our time is valuable, he indicated that they are looking, not at improving dealer waiting room amenities, but at keeping customers from waiting at all. Offering a car pick up and return for service is being evaluated with a tight 15 minute appointment window at home or office so no one will be inconvenienced or have their time wasted. They are also considering having Lincoln provide chauffeuring options for clients who have partied too much to drive home so your vehicle would be with you in the morning. These are but a few of the innovative approaches the company is exploring for accelerating Lincoln even further as a world-class luxury brand.