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From time to time, we will post newsworthy items of interest and importance to our membership. If you have information that you believe is important enough to share with the LCOC worlwide, please mail it to our home office for review. Items that we deem qualify will be added to the LCOC web site.

Western National Meet in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The upcoming Western National Meet in Albuquerque, New Mexico looks to be an exciting change of pace. Besides the usual car show and attendant events, the October 18-21 weekend will feature visits to the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History and the Abruzzo...

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An Overview of the Veit Museum

The Friday tour at the Mid America Meet was to the Veit Museum located in Wright County, North of Buffalo and West of Monticello — sort of in the middle of nowhere. Veit’s is off the beaten path, located on 500 acres of heavily wooded land. It features a long drive on...

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The first tour of the Mid-America Meet was a trip to see Morrie’s Automotive Collection in Long Lake. Morrie has one of the largest and best collections of automobiles in the Midwest, bar none.  We traveled over a somewhat circuitous route, designed by Roger Wothe, to...

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The 2018 Mid America National Meet

The 2018 Mid America National Meet we hosted at the Marriott hotel in St. Louis Park on July 11-15, 2018 was a huge success in every respect.  The weather on Saturday, July 14th was very hot, mid 90's, and the hard rain of Thursday was in the past.    We had 85...

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2018 Eastern National Meet Trophy Winners

Awards for the 2018 LCOC Eastern National Meet in Bradenton, Florida were handed out on Saturday, May 5, at the evening banquet.  Lincoln Trophies were given in 5 categories, along with a trophy for Best Custom Class Lincoln.  Emeritus Awards were given to 3 owners. ...

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Florida National Meet 2018

The weather was great for those from the cool north with very warm weather, sunshine and a breeze. It was perfect for enjoying Lincolns and the sites in the Bradenton, FL area. The hotel was conveniently located for the events the Florida Region planned and had a...

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Editor Emeritus Tim Howley Feted by LCOC

Tim Howley was the editor of Lincoln & Continental Comments since 1982, producing more than half of the Comments issues in the 64 year history of the club! He was recently named Editor Emeritus, giving him the freedom to continue contributing his talents and...

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The Lincoln Link – Fall 2017

I’m pleased to report that the 2017 Annual Lincoln Homecoming was a success. Attendance was the largest since the museum opened in 2014. It’s hard to believe we’ll be celebrating the museum’s fourth anniversary in 2018! Much has happened since you read the last issue...

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Video of the September 2016 Western National Meet

Here is a great post from a club member of his video of the September 2016 Western Nation Meet.  It will give you a great idea of what the events are like.  Join today and attend this year's events.  You will make friends, have fun, and enjoy your special car even...

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If you have news about your Lincoln or Continental and would like to have posted on the club’s site please contact us through the contact us link on this site.

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