Day 4 Highlights of the 2022 LCOC Western National Meet

Written by Elayne Bendel
Reproduced with permission
The 2022 Western National Meet is now history but coming as it did in the “playground of the stars” it did not lack for drama. The spectacular scenery and setting at the DoubleTree Hotel and Desert Princess Country Club put us in the mood.

At first light early Saturday morning John Burge’s team of elves laid out the show field and our gorgeous Lincolns rumbled onto the Desert Princess fairway for a day of celebration of our collector car hobby. Lincolns ranging from first generation Continentals of the early 1940s to modern-day Aviators and everything in between were displayed.

How can we measure the thousands of hours of work owners put into their vehicles getting them ready for this event? A few photos below give a small flavor of our stunning show field. The oohs and ahs of the spectators testified to the spectacle.

A links-side condo served as a convenient meeting place for judges to tally results and a spot for cold water and brief rest for exhibitors. Kudos to Kerry Roscoe for organizing the refreshments there and at the hotel’s hospitality suite.

But Mother Nature had a few surprises in store. During our stay temperatures soared to nearly 100 degrees and toward the end of our show brisk winds began pummeling the show field. By evening they achieved gale force and the next morning we awoke to find fine desert powder clinging to our vehicles and invading interiors as well.

Fortunately, our lovely outdoor cocktail reception and buffet at the MonStore Garage on Friday evening was free of intrusive winds. And the DoubleTree staff were able to pivot quickly at our request and convert what had been planned as a patio reception prior to the Saturday awards banquet to an indoor event. Whew!

Host John Burge, left below, and LCOC President John Talbourdet presided at the awards banquet which also featured a brief video retrospective of Lincoln’s storied first century. Award plaques were presented to winners in the Touring and Primary classes, Lincoln Trophies to first place winners across several Primary classes and Emeritus and Senior class trophy awards. We will publish the list of award winners as soon as we receive it. At this time we can report that the Elliston H. Bell Founder’s Trophy for Best in Show was awarded to Jim Ayres for his 1988 Mark VII Bill Blass model.

But on Sunday when John Walcek set up his camera and tri-pod for photos of some of the trophy winners he and the camera could barely remain upright in the face of the wind. When the photos are published no one likely will notice but the elements did present special challenges to the photographer, subjects and the vehicles themselves.

No event of this scope is without its issues but the 2022 meet had some extra ones due to the Covid pandemic and the uncertainty involved in planning it caused. Meet co-chairs John Burge and Ron Cressy persisted and special thanks must go not only to them but to the entire Western Region Board of Directors and the Meet Planning Team, who also had cars in the show. Bazil LaRoche and Russell Harmon helped almost everywhere, including at least registration, silent auction, show field layout and a/v support at the banquet.

Stacy Roscoe was the assistant chief judge, conducted a judging seminar and helped with the trophies, while Mike Steiner, John Kiszla and Brian Kelegian also presented valuable technical seminars. Paul Temple and his team at LCOC National managed the trophies and helped with at least judging and event planning, structure and national publicity.

Our reception hosts for the three nights worked exceptionally hard to guarantee a great experience. Kudos to Wednesday’s hosts Frank Wenzel and Kent Vandenberg.

Thanks to Robert Reed and Rick DeRothchild, Andy Linksy, Barry LeBlanc & Michael McGee, Dennis Duca & David Peck, Steve Aaron and Paul Michelson.

Friday’s event at the MonStore Garage was led by Brad Prescott and Jeff Stork plus fellow collectors Aaron Leider and Michael Lewis, Chris Menrad, J. J. Johnson, and Wick and Allison, whom we sincerely thank and Lynn Hammond Catering, Scott King and Sandy Edelstein.

We also thank Ron Cressy and Ray Gonzales for opening their Vickroy collection to us during Thursday’s Yucca Valley driving tour.

This meet had its share of mechanical issues, breakdowns and unplanned emergencies. In all cases our members stepped up to assist and those who were aided sincerely appreciate the help. By now we hope most of you who attended are safely home—many of you with some shiny new hardware—-and are basking in the memory of our 2022 LCOC Western National Meet in the playground of the stars.

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