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Editor Emeritus Tim Howley Feted by LCOC

Tim Howley was the editor of Lincoln & Continental Comments since 1982, producing more than half of the Comments issues in the 64 year history of the club! He was recently named Editor Emeritus, giving him the freedom to continue contributing his talents and...

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Fun in the ‘59

As many LCOC members know, my first car was a ’59 Mark IV convertible.  After several requests to document the thrill of ownership  here goes.   I started looking for a ’58 or ’59 convertible in the spring of 1966, armed with only a psychotic lust for a...

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The Tim McManus Story

Tim MacManus was master of ceremonies at the LCOC National 2016 Western Meet in Westminster, Colorado and an important member of the Rocky Mountain Region Committee that organized the meet. He was born in New York City in Forest Hills, just beside Brooklyn. The family...

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Low Mileage 1979 Continental Mark V in Missouri

Recently, I was surfing the internet looking at Lincolns. Some of the most beautiful motorcars ever produced rolled off the Lincoln assembly line, and I like to look and admire. One of the cars I stumbled across was a 1979 Mark V. The turquoise paint caught my eye, so...

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Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum Update

The Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum ended the year on a high note, the donation of two automobiles to the museum’s growing group of classic Lincolns. Of equal significance, three separate groups from the Lincoln Division of Ford Motor Company visited the museum. The...

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On the Lincoln Highway

The Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum in Dayton, Ohio Mid-America Meet, June 15-19 kicked off the year 2016 in spectacular fashion. There were fifty-eight cars registered for judging and another twenty-one for exhibition. What I liked most about this meet was the...

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