Judging Standards & Instructions

Download Judging Standards & Instructions

National Meet Judging Form: Mechanical

Download Mechanical – Operation Form


National Meet Judging Form: Authenticity – Appearance

Download Authenticity – Appearance Form


National Meet Concours Rules

Download National Meet Concours Rules


Download Divisions 

Major Trophies Primary & Senior Divisions

Click on the download link below to download the Major Trophies Primary & Senior Divisions

Download Major Trophies Primary & Senior Divisions


Responsibilities of Owners

Click download below to download the Responsibilities of Owners.

Download Responsibilities of Owners


National Meet Registration Form

Download National Meet Registration Form

Application for Custom Vehicles

Download Application for Custom Vehicle

Application for Survivor Class

Our application for the Survivor Class is coming soon.

Volunteer Judging Form

Download Volunteer Judging Form


National Meet History

Download National Meet History


Emeritus Divison Awards

Download Emeritus Division Awards


Preservation Divison Awards

Download Preservation Division Awards

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