X-Plan - Members Only Lincoln Purchase Discount Plan

New Benefits of Ford’s X Plan for LCOC Members

For over a decade, Ford has offered all LCOC members the ability to use the X Plan program to obtain substantial discounts on new Ford or Lincoln vehicles. Over the years, hundreds of our members have used this plan not only to save on the price of the car, but also on fees, as the X Plan limits the dealer to a document fee cap of $100. It’s a great help when you are in the market for a new car or truck.

Recently, Ford has made the LCOC a full-fledged Partner Recognition member. That means that all our members can now get their own X Plan PINS! Just follow these simple steps to generate your X-Plan PIN:

  1. Visit www.fordpartner.com and enter our LCOC Partner Code – D5FGG
  2. Click on “GENERATE MY PIN” and enter your information to receive your LCOC X-Plan PIN.
  3. Bring your PIN Certificate along when visiting an eligible participating dealer, as well as proof of LCOC membership and the date of membership (month-year).  Note that you must have been an LCOC member for at least 90 days.

The proof of LCOC membership can be a copy of your membership letter, or a screen print of your membership information from Cornerstone, our membership manager.  You need to take this proof to the dealer along with your PIN. 

If you have any questions, contact Glenn Kramer at gkramer2047@gmail.com or 832-368-2575.

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