Western National Meet – Palm Springs, California, May 4-8, 2022

Western National Meet – Palm Springs, California, May 4-8, 2022

“A Martini Lifestyle, are you ready?”

Pull out the suntan lotion, your sunglasses, gloves and hat.  Get that gallant Lincoln serviced and ready.  It is time to head down the road to the “Playground of the Stars”.  A week of movie stars, classic cars, fresh air and fun await you.   You may see Ann Hathaway (The Devil wears Prada) or Leonardo DeCaprio (Titanic) visiting their homes in the area.  John Travolta’s plane, grey with a large orange “T”, can be seen hanging at the airport from time to time.  Suzanne Somers (Three’s Company) and Barry Manilow are often seen out together for dinner at one of the local restaurants.  If you want to live in one of the star’s homes, Sylvester Stallone’s house is currently on the market.  However, if the glamour of stars does not appeal to you, and you would rather spend time on a golf course, there are about a hundred available, with all different levels of difficulty and beauty.  If you have a more rugged nature side, there are over a hundred hiking trails around canyons and through groves of native palm trees or maybe a scenic horse ride along one of the many beautiful oases appeals to you.  The famous Pioneertown is only a short drive away.  Walk down Main Street just as Roy Rogers and Dale Evans did along with Son’s of the Pioneers in their TV series.   The point being, there is plenty to see and do while you are in the area.

This highly anticipated Car Show Meet takes place Saturday, on the Desert Princess Country Club and Golf Course in Cathedral City adjacent to the Double Tree Hotel, our host hotel.  It will be a gathering of some of the very finest cars our members have to offer, in a picture-perfect desert setting.  Featured car classes will meander down the golf course set aside for our use.  What better way to feature those glamorous Lincolns.

Plans are being finalized to add technical seminars to the list of activities.  The renowned “Lincoln Whisperer” is ready to help you understand the hallowed secrets to making that convertible top work more than once.  There will also be a technical program on a/c systems and repairs, what works best to keep you cool.  Who knows, there may be our own version of “Click and Clack” questions and answers to those other car issues too.  Some slight changes are in progress to the standard weekend format, such as Friday Night’s event will take place at a large warehouse housing several private collections of cars.  Friday night’s event will include adult beverages, food plus a silent auction.  We understand the fabulous jazz singer Kathryn White will be performing there for your enjoyment that night too.  Our drive tour will take you by homes of several stars culminating at yet another large private automotive collection.  We have not forgotten those less car crazed among us, which I call “Car Widows”.   We are preparing other great events to choose from.  We have 24 exciting ideas we are narrowing down to which ones will fit into our schedule.

Even though the dates state May 4-8, you will need more time to take in and enjoy all the fun.

Registration will be open this December.  Go on line now to reserve your room at www.doubletreepalmsprings.com while we still have some rooms in our reserved block for LCOC.  Be sure to mention the LCOC name for the best room rates.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at WelcomeToPalmSprings@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Palm Springs, for “A Martini Lifestyle”, a weekend years in the making.

John Burge & Ron Cressy, co-chairs  

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LCOC Show Cars Celebrate Continental Nameplate’s 80th Anniversary at LCOC’s Eastern National Meet (Part 1)

LCOC Show Cars Celebrate Continental Nameplate’s 80th Anniversary at LCOC’s Eastern National Meet (Part 1)

LCOC Show Cars Celebrate Continental Nameplate’s 80th Anniversary at LCOC’s Eastern National Meet (Part 1)

Nine decades of Lincolns and Continental models graced the show field at the LCOC Eastern National Meet held in September at the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, N.Y.  From Tony Russo’s 1927 Model L roadster to Erling Onsager’s 2018 Continental some of America’s finest luxury vehicles provided a kaleidoscope of colors and styles covering nearly all eras of Lincoln history.  What an impressive sight!

Beautiful first-generation Continentals were among the most admired entries along with John Talbourdet’s ’37 sedan and Danial Falco’s ’41 Zephyr. Others were Paul Wilson’s ’40 Continental, Tony Rosso and Franklynn Koehler’s ’41 Continentals and Bruce Anderson’s ’46 Continental.


Rare and elegant ’56 and ’57 Mark IIs, a ”59 Mark III and other ’50s Lincolns delighted spectators. James Dunn’s ’55 Capri and Rusty Rentsch’s ’56 Premiere were there as was William White’s ’59 Mark III, Walter Blankenship and Dave Kirkpatrick’s 54 Caprils were shown along with ’56 Mark IIs owned by Peter Mann, Kenneth Lewis, John Keesee, Lawrence Durocher, Joseph Armstrong, and Keith Collana and ’57 Mark IIs owned by David Kraus and Edward Avedisian. Below are some prime examples of these coveted vintage cars.

Several iconic slab side Continentals of the 1960s—both sedans and convertibles—were on hand for the fun.  Among these were Mid-Atlantic Region host Owen Clarke’s ’63 convertible, Wayne Sawyer’s ’63 sedan, Jeanne Talbourdet’s ’67 convertible, and a ’66 Lehmann-Peterson limo owned by Joe Columbe. Ray Mastronuzio’s ’65 Continental was on display along with David Moyer’s ’66 convertible. See below.

Seven Decades of Lincolns Starred at LCOC Western National Meet Car Show

Seven Decades of Lincolns Starred at LCOC Western National Meet Car Show

Seven Decades of Lincolns Starred at LCOC Western National Meet Car Show

Great cars and scorching Colorado weather added sizzle to the centerpiece car show of the LCOC’s 2019 Western National Meet in Grand Junction. But triple digit temperatures failed to wilt the enthusiasm of  LCOC members on hand to show off their beauties. Eight decades of Lincolns and Continentals made it to this year’s meet, with cars from the 1970s and newer predominating—perhaps because they were equipped with A/C?  No matter, all that were on the show field were spruced up and looking their best!  

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Tim Moore of Richmondville, NY was selected as the applicant with the “Best New Home”

Tim Moore of Richmondville, NY was selected as the applicant with the “Best New Home”

Tim Moore of Richmondville, NY was selected as the applicant with the “Best New Home” for the 1978 Lincoln Continental featured in our LCOC website Classified Ads promotion. The goal of the current owner, William Green, was to find the best home possible for the vehicle, and he entrusted that task to the LCOC.

Tim became hooked on Lincolns as a teen while mowing lawns for a local businessman, Richard Falzarano, in a small town in upstate New York. After Tim’s work was done each week, Richard would give him a ride home in his 1978 Lincoln Continental sedan. It was gray with light blue interior, and riding in it made Tim feel like a million bucks. While he hoped to one day own one, he had to settle for a 1972 Buick Electra as his first car. However, that vehicle allowed him to appreciate American iron from an era where luxury and performance had an entirely different meaning than it has in most cars driven today.

Tim’s love of Lincolns continued to grow over time. Earlier this year he built a new 10-car building that his family affectionately calls the “Garage Mahal.” Once it was completed, he finally had the type of shop/garage he dreamed about for years. It enabled him to purchase his first classic, a 1967 Lincoln Continental convertible in Spanish Moss with a Dark Ivy Gold interior. It has given him great pleasure to give the car the attention it deserves, and he plans to repaint it during the winter. For him, the car is not only an engineering marvel, but also a work of art.

That venture has also brought a surprising benefit: Tim’s 23 year old son, Nick, has been bitten by the Lincoln bug, too. They have spent quite a few hours working on the ’67 which his son admires “because it’s so classy and well built.” He now loves attending shows with Tim and is making plans to have their current Lincoln in two parades next year. Because it seems as though many young people do not have much interest for older cars, Tim feels fortunate that his son has found a passion that provides such a positive influence on him. He is excited about the prospect of them having two Lincolns in shows next year.

The Moores are delighted to provide a home for the 1978 Lincoln. It will have a place of honor in the Garage Mahal. Having the tools and expertise to handle most repairs and preservation, they will immediately undertake a complete servicing: replacing all fluids; checking out/rebuilding the carburetor; draining and cleaning the gas tank; changing the filters; changing the valve cover gaskets and others as needed; and assessing the underside of the car.

Tim is very familiar with this particular car model, and believes that the 82,000 mile engine and the “bullet-proof” C-6 transmission should be okay for the short term. Tim’s basic plan is to make this car a beautiful, fully-functioning original. He believes that the original condition of this car is worth maintaining. He plans to take the car to shows, use it in several upcoming family weddings, and just drive and show the world what original American Iron really is like.

Although intrigued by those who specialize in customization, Tim cannot find any justification for taking wonderful original cars and significantly changing them. Tim shares, “Owning older cars allows me and others to step back to a different place and time when driving meant something very special. It would not be responsible to take that away from future generations by altering cars.” William Green’s 1978 Lincoln Continental has definitely found a terrific home with Tim Moore and his son that insures its legacy will be shared for years to come.

Editor Emeritus Tim Howley Feted by LCOC

Editor Emeritus Tim Howley Feted by LCOC

LCOC presented Tim with a plaque and a framed Board resolution lauding his contributions during his 35 years as editor.

Tim Howley was the editor of Lincoln & Continental Comments since 1982, producing more than half of the Comments issues in the 64 year history of the club! He was recently named Editor Emeritus, giving him the freedom to continue contributing his talents and experience for our reading pleasure. On March 18th, the LCOC National Board, represented by Glenn Kramer and Stacy Roscoe, honored Tim and his wife, LaVonne, with a luncheon and a small awards ceremony.  

Glenn and Stacy took the opportunity to thank Tim on behalf of the club and enjoyed listening as Tim recounted some of his experiences as both editor and advertising copy writer at several national ad agencies. Tim conceived and created many long remembered TV, radio and print ads for such clients as Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA), Mother’s Cookies and Canon Cameras. His career in advertising and editing has been memorable and long lasting.

LaVonne was also thanked for all her hard work with an engraved vase and flower arrangement.

The ceremony and lunch continued for well over two hours, and after final good-byes, Glenn and Stacy agreed that this enjoyable day of shared stories was fascinating and more importantly, that LCOC is most fortunate to continue having Tim and LaVonne on our team.