Originally published in the January/February 1996 issue of Continental Comments (Issue # 207).

The title is a little corny, but the idea is to occasionally spotlight the sleepers— Lincolns less than ten model years old, that may become tomorrow’s collectibles. Surprisingly, there are quite a few, and here we think is one of the best bets, or maybe we should say a hole in one.

In 1982, Lincoln-Mercury Division became the exclusive automotive sponsor for TV coverage of 17 Professional Golfers’ Association tournaments. By 1992, Lincoln-Mercury Division was the title sponsor of the “Lincoln-Mercury Kapala International” golf tournament. It should probably come as no surprise, then, that in the fall of 1991, Lincoln offered a 1991 Jack Nicklaus Edition Town Car.

At first it was marketed only in the Southwest. By January 1992 it was being sold nationally as a 1992 model. Although the Jack Nicklaus Town Car was discontinued after the 1992 model year, in February, 1992 Lincoln-Mercury Division reported that for the first two months it was offered nationally, it accounted for 20% of all Town Car orders. We don’t know the total production numbers for the Jack Nicklaus Town Car, but despite all the hype over sales figures for a two month period, it can’t be all that many.

Two exterior color/trim options were offered—“deep jewel green clearcoat metallic” and “arctic white clearcoat”. Some, possibly all, Jack Nicklaus Town Cars have contrasting vinyl roofs, (white on green cars and green on white cars). All Jack Nicklaus Town cars came with white leather upholstery with green piping on the seats and the Lincoln star on the seat backs sewn in green thread. Special badges with the “golden bear” and Jack Nicklaus’ signature appear on each front fender, on the lower deck lid and on the dash above the radio. The carpeting and floor mats are dark green, and the front mats have a small “golden bear” sewn near the outside edges.

Some dealers have also added chrome fender reveal moldings and gold plated exterior trim. About the only thing the car didn’t come with was a golf club compartment and a set of golf clubs. We guess that the ultimate golfer’s Lincoln would be a classic model of the ‘20s or ‘30s with an authentic golf club compartment and painted jewel green with a white top.

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