This was a very successful season with a trio of great National Meets and the Lincoln Homecoming. Both the Eastern and Western meets had small attendance but this provided time for in-depth conversations with other members. As I write this, the Western National Meet concluded a few short days ago. The area had plenty to offer with its history, culture and the wonderful events planned by the national club and the New Mexico Region. The weather made me feel right at home, as it was as unpredictable and variable as at home in New England!  The next LCOC national event is the board meeting being held in Tucson, Arizona, January 17-19, 2019. The committees will look back at 2018 and then plan ahead for 2019 and beyond to improve the LCOC experience. If you have any issues or comments, please contact your Region Director or any other board member to have your input presented to the appropriate committee.

The team is working on solidifying the 2019 National Meets. The Eastern National Meet is being held in the Hudson River Valley on September 18-21, hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Region. They have some very special events planned. The Western and Mid-America meets remain in the planning stages and will be announced shortly. The Lincoln Homecoming at the Gilmore is slated for August 8-11. Hosted by the Road Race Lincoln Registry, this meet will be very special. All Ford products are invited to make this a comprehensive gathering for Ford aficionados. I am sure the facility will be packed with Ford products from many decades of production.

One of the spark plugs crucial to a successful National Meet is the Executive VP. Bob Johnson has labored tirelessly encouraging regions to host meets as a means of growing membership. Bob is always willing to provide assistance to enable smaller regions to host a National Meet. Jeanie and I always see Bob and Mary at meets solving problems and completing the myriad tasks that pop up. This is a joint effort, with Mary supporting Bob on the front lines, as well as behind the scenes with all the paperwork, mailings, and phone calls required for a successful meet. This year has been a very busy time at the Johnson household, being on the Mid-America Meet committee, and registrar for the Lincoln Homecoming, as well as the de facto meet chairmen at the Albuquerque meet. Bob is retiring as Executive Vice President at the end of the year after five excellent years of supporting the club to the great benefit of the members. Bob and Mary have been road warriors for many years, driving their award-winning black 1989 Mark VII convertible to national meets all over the country, culminating at the Albuquerque meet receiving their twentieth Emeritus award!  That is a record, including meets all over the country, racking up thousands of miles on their faithful Lincoln. Many of those trips had the convertible packed to the gills with meet packets, auction items, and general meet supplies. I am sure Bob and Mary know every inch of that Lincoln better than those who designed it! 

I have been very fortunate to have Bob and Mary supporting the LCOC and Foundation over the past five years. It definitely has made my job easier and more fun. I am indebted to Bob and Mary for their support of the LCOC. Thank you.

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