The 2018 Mid America National Meet we hosted at the Marriott hotel in St. Louis Park on July 11-15, 2018 was a huge success in every respect.  The weather on Saturday, July 14th was very hot, mid 90’s, and the hard rain of Thursday was in the past.    We had 85 Lincolns, with 27 in the Exhibition class; I mention this because we enjoy all Lincolns, not just the trophy winners.  
Tom and Gunta Brace won the Elliston H. Bell – Founder’s Trophy for the Best Lincoln in the show with a 1937 Lincoln L Judkins Coupe.  We had 162 people register for this meet. The North Star Region should be very proud of the job and effort put in by key members of the region such as: Roger Wothe (Tour to Morries), Bob Roth (Tour to Veit’s), Dave Gustafson (meet booklets and all meet printing), and particularly all the spouses for putting up with our continued fusing over our Lincolns.
Our meet hotel, the Marriott, did the best job of any hotel I have ever worked with.  The Sales Manager, Patrick Riley, and his staff were gracious, helpful, and did everything they could to make our stay the best.  The food was great, especially at the Friday Night BBQ.  Attendees told me that they enjoyed the Twin City area and had fun, good times, and great fellowship.  They are leaving with many fantastic memories.  
We were honored to get two new LCOC members this meet.  Lou Cosentino from Excelsior, MN, who owns a 1932 Lincoln KB Sport Phaeton, made a appearance on  Saturday morning.  Tony Karsnia, who has a 1996 Town Car Hearse, was able to drive on the Tour to Morries Classic Collection.  He also won  a 1990’s  Decade touring award.  Jay White was able to bring three slab side convertibles to the meet, and he has committed to join LCOC.
Again, to our North Star Region members, congratulations on a job well done! Thank you.
Bob Johnson
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