Originally published in the November-December 2003 issue of Continental Comments (Issue # 255).

News from the Norway Region

By Birger Hoelstad, President (2003), Norway Region

In February, we had our first meet of the year. This was strictly a social event as very few Lincolns are out on the road during wintertime in Norway (in 4 feet snow). We celebrated the founding of LCOC Norway, (February 25th 1999).

Then, May 10 was our National Lincoln Meet. We met on the beautiful Frognerseteren high up in the hills surrounding Oslo. We have this meet every year, and normally about 30 Lincolns come. But on this day, we parked the 11 cars that showed up next to the snowbank, in a rainstorm and 45 degree weather.

On June 21 and 22, we had our LCOC Anniversary Meet in the v94 Olympic city of Lillehammer, celebrating LCOC’s 50 years and Ford’s 100 years. People showed up from as far as Trondheim in the north and Stavanger in the southwest, many driving together and turning quite a few heads along the road. (There are very few Lincolns in Norway, approximately 470 cars). The Radisson SAS Hotel was nice, and in the Lincoln-hall where we had our awards banquet, a Mark V Diamond Jubilee was parked under spotlights. All participating cars were awarded the same anniversary badge as the ones in Dearborn. Something that was very surprising to all the participants.

We also visited a car museum in Lillehammer, and saw a 1928 model Lincoln Limousine. The next day arrived with beautiful weather, and the “Most Outstanding Lincoln” was awarded to a beautiful ‘77 Mark V, owned by Berit & Kjell Bokseth.

On July 4, we had a meet together with other clubs, celebrating America. Approximately 3,000 American cars showed up for this “happening”. Our next Lincolns Meet was on September 7, this time on a big campsite on one of the other hills surrounding Oslo, a place with wonderful view.



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