Originally published in the November-December 2003 issue of Continental Comments (Issue # 255).

Introduction to the 1982 Lincoln brochure.

The Lincoln legend.  Sixty-one years of elegance and luxury. Providing outstanding comfort and relaxing room. A quiet, stately ride. And a commitment to quality.  With the Lincoln for 1982, the legend lives on. Proud of its past. Responsive to the present. From its bold grille to its handsome roofline and distinctive deck lid, Lincoln makes a statement of elegance. The grand manner comes through when you open the door. A quiet world of gracious room awaits you and your passengers. With tailored, rich, luxurious seating. And generous space that extends to the huge luggage compartment.  Take the wheel and enjoy the smooth, stately Lincoln ride. Luxurious. Quiet in the grand Lincoln manner. But for all its proud heritage, part of Lincoln tradition is to respond to the needs of its time. The new Lincoln offers high levels of contemporary electronic technology, such as its optional Electronic Instrument Panel with Message Center. And under the hood is a standard 5.0 Liter (302 CID) V-8 engine. Electronic Fuel injection and Electronic Engine Controls meter fuel with precision, contributing to Lincoln’s overall performance and fuel economy. The engine is teamed with the innovative Automatic Overdrive transmission that employs an overdrive fourth gear that engages at around 40 miles per hour to reduce engine revolutions and highway fuel consumption. For your added reassurance, Lincoln incorporates a computerized Self Diagnostic System to provide faster, more accurate and more efficient servicing than before. This year, experience the Lincoln legend for yourself. Select from the Lincoln Cartier Designer Series, the distinctly personal Lincoln Signature Series, and the luxurious Lincoln Town Car. Lincoln for 1982. Rich in tradition. Responsive to the needs of today.


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