Spring Color 1976 Continental Mark IVs

by Jim Farrell

Originally published in the May-June 1996 issue of Continental Comments (Issue # 210).

The Desert Sand Spring Luxury Option Mark IV, shown above, is probably the wildest color combination of all.  We wonder if any still exist?

Since at least the 1930s, Ford Motor Co. has from time to time, offered Fords, Mercurys and Lincolns in spring colors-fancy, bright, solid or two-toned color combinations meant to entice winter weary buyers into dealerships. This practice has continued even into recent years.

The recent Continental Comments article about the 1976 Black Diamond luxury decor option Mark IV brought a response from Bob Bowen of St. Maries, Idaho. He reports that the Black Diamond Mark IV was only one of four special Spring Edition Luxury Option Lincolns made available starting in March, 1976. There were no brochures, no factory advertising programs and very little publicity about these four very rare luxury decor option Lincolns. The only reference to them Bob has discovered so far is in the 1976 Dealer’s Color and Upholstery Book as a March, 1976 “glue-in” supplement.

Bob estimates that no more than 50 to 100 of each model of the Spring Edition ‘76 Mark IVs were built, making each car very rare, indeed.

The four Spring Edition cars are identified as the:
*Black Diamond Mark IV.
*Black Diamond Lincoln Continental Town Coupe and Town Car.
*Lipstick and White Mark IV.
*Desert Sand Mark IV.

The Black Diamond Lincoln Continental Town Cars and Town Coupes have the same trim scheme as the Black Diamond Mark IV. The Lipstick and White luxury option Mark IV is different from previous Lipstick Mark IVs in that, like all other ‘76 Spring Edition Luxury Mark IVs, Town Cars and Town Coupes, it has patent leather seat straps and the landau roof is made from a different material.

Probably the wildest color combination on any Mark IV is the Desert Sand Spring Luxury Option Mark IV. The front end, tops of the front fenders, the hood, the “A” pillars, about two inches of the roof above the windshield, and a small area underneath, around the back of, and on the top of the side windows are painted dark brown. The landau patent leather vinyl roof is tan. The rest of the front half of the roof is tan, as are the trunk lid, back fenders, doors, and the sides of the front fenders. On the inside, the seats were in a dark brown crushed velour material with dark brown patent leather straps. It was distinctive to say the least.

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