The Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum in Dayton, Ohio Mid-America Meet, June 15-19 kicked off the year 2016 in spectacular fashion. There were fifty-eight cars registered for judging and another twenty-one for exhibition. What I liked most about this meet was the sheer variety of years, and models, with some really rare ones.

There were two Lincoln Cosmopolitans, a 1949 Lincoln, three 1954 Capris, two 1956 Premiere convertibles, a 1956 and 1957 coupe, several 1958-60 era cars, more sixties era cars than you could shake an Edsel at, and more early Lincoln Continentals than we have seen in years. To top it off, the Elliston Bell winner was Tony Russo’s 1927 Lincoln L Coupe. The great diversity of Lincolns was paradise for photographer John Walcek.

There were so many tours you could hardly join them all. I especially liked the Packard Museum Tour which is featured on pages 43-44 of this issue. When Tim Wilson and his group in the Southern Ohio Region put on a National Meet, it is hard to top. You will be reading about feature cars from this Ohio Mid-America Meet in Comments for some time to come.

The Western National Meet in Westminster, Colorado, September 7-10, was as spectacular as its Rocky Mountain setting. This was the first National Meet held in the Denver area since 1992. It was sponsored by the reorganized Rocky Mountain Region with fifty-two cars entered along with an equal number of cars at another show in the adjacent parking area of the Westin Hotel, our meet headquarters.

The Thursday tour to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park was followed Friday with a tour of the Clive Cussler Museum. The winners of the Elliston Bell Trophy on Saturday evening were John Burge and Mike Steiner up from California with their 1974 Continental Mark IV.

Not to be confused with these two LCOC national events was the Second Annual Lincoln Homecoming at the The Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum inHickory Corners, Michigan, August 10- 14. This event was sponsored by the Road Race Lincoln Register, one of the four Lincoln clubs who helped build the museum. It drew nearly one hundred cars.

The last meet of the year was the Eastern National Meet held in Bartlett, New Hampshire, October 13-16, which is covered “colorfully” in this issue.

In 2017, there will be one National LCOC Meet, the Fourth Lincoln Homecoming at Hickory Corners, Michigan, August 9-13. Details can be found on Page 10 of this issue.

Tony Russo’s 1927 Lincoln L Judkins Coupe, 2016 Bell winner in Ohio.

The Talbourdets with their 1966 Lincoln Continental at the 2016 ENM in New Hampshire.

A record turnout of Mark IIs at the 2016 WNM in Colorado.

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