By John Walcek
Originally published in the March/April 2024 Lincoln and Continental Comments magazine (Issue # 377)

On Friday, Feb. 2, I paid a visit to Merv Adkin’s yard in Pomona, California. He told me about the 74th Annual O’Reilly Auto Parts Grand National Roadster Show at the Pomona Fairgrounds, featuring many customized and stock Lincoln Zephyrs from the 1930s. Merv said he probably sold parts for every car there and encouraged me to check it out. It’s a big city yearly event, now costing $18 to park and $30 to get in. Though hesitant, I bought a ticket.

Because a big rainstorm was coming in later on Saturday and it would surely be pouring rain on Sunday, I decided to go to the show on Saturday. Mike and Chris, my friends from H & H Flatheads, were there displaying all their goodies, including a supercharged V-12! They recently completed the rebuilding of a second V-12 engine for my pre-war Continentals.

I found the Zephyrs in one of nine buildings, which were all full of different groupings of cars. The 20 or so customized Zephyrs totally entranced me. The original “Scrape,” now painted black, was there, along with other candy-apple red Zephyrs and an even more stunning black and yellow one. There were fine stock original Zephyrs, too.

I talked with people from the “California Zephyrs Club.” My friend Merv Adkins was there, as was Todd Calder, another old car parts guy who was out from the East Coast for the show. Three gals dressed in ‘30s pinup outfits wandered by, and I posed them around the Zephyrs!

I checked out the cars in the other eight buildings that evening. Talk about overload! How about a gasser-type dragster with an engine with two blowers and a Mustang with three, yes three, superchargers (blowers) on top of an engine sticking out of the hood?

The rain came that evening and was heavier on Sunday. I’m sure glad things went so well for a variety-filled winter car day here in California.

John Walcek is the official LCOC photographer and lives in Placentia, California.

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