Technical Services Group

The Technical Services Group provides technical assistance and related information to club members in restoring and maintaining their cars. The Group consists of fourteen numbered Sub-groups, and nine Specialty areas lettered ‘A’ through ‘I’ as shown below. The Technical Advisors listed have offered their services in the Sub-groups and Specialties indicated by the numbers and their names. They have agreed to answer occasional questions either by mail, or in most cases by phone. This is a free service to Lincoln and Continental Owners Club members, and is not contingent upon the purchase of materials or services from


  1. 1939 – 1941 Lincoln Continental Coupes & Cabriolets
  2. 1942 – 1948 Lincoln Continental Coupes & Cabriolets
  3. 1949 – 1955 LincoIns
  4. 1956 & 1957 Continental Mk Ils
  5. 1956 – 1960 Lincolns & Lincoln Continentals
  6. 1961 – 1963 Lincoln Continental Sedans, Convertibles
  7. 1964 – 1965 Lincoln Continental Sedans, Convertibles
  8. 1966 – 1971 Lincoln Continental Sedans, Coupes, Convertibles
  9. 1969 – 1971 Continental Mk III
  10. Custom Vehicles
  11. V-12 Engines, 1936 – 1948
  12. 1972 – 1977 LincoIns, Mk IVs, Mk Vs, & Versailles
  13. 1920 – 1948 Lincolns
  14. 1978 – 1986 Lincolns and Marks
  15. 1987 – 1997 Lincolns (all models)


A. Historian
B. Authenticity
C. Parts Information
D. Literature
E. Mechanical Restoration
F. Electrical Restoration
G. Cosmetic Restoration
H. General Restoration
I. Production Data

You may find your answers on the The LincolnForum.Net, or the Continental Corner. However, if you must telephone a Technical Advisor for assistance, please organize your thoughts and questions in order to save time. You can get the list of current technical advisors in your printed copy of the latest LCOC directory. When corresponding by mail, be sure to enclose a SELF-ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE for reply.

For changes, corrections, additions contact:
Technical Services Manager
Dick Koop

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